Bike fitting with Grégoire Tarride

 Price : 250 €

  • Analysis of your pedal stroke.
  • Study of your position on the pedals.
  • 1 session of Osteopathy and Posturology with intensive testing of the leg muscles (strength
    and flexibility).
  • Based on your morphology and pathology, we will optimize the measurements and setup of your bike.

Cycling is a wonderful sport where the human body and the bike are one and the same.

It is essential to optimizing your position on the bike to increase your performance, comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Your body is a dynamic and over time It will win or lose weight, physical fitness, strength and flexibility. It is important to be aware that your position on the bike will evolve over time.
  • Good geometry of the frame will bring you a dynamic road grip, confidence and the best synergy between you and your bike.
    If you are looking for the ultimate benefits of a customized frame such as a Officine Mattio or if you are simply looking for the best position on your current bike, our Bike fitting session will give you what you are looking for.

Grégoire Tarride

Golden Cycles seeks to offer the most accurate approach, that's why the Bike-fitting sessions are carried out by
Grégoire Tarride,
former professional rider of the “La Pomme team” and a fully qualified osteopath specialized in Posturology..
His experience combined with your sensations will allow him to better understand your body, your cycling history and your goals to improve your position.